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New Owner Walk-thru
Understanding the Systems in Your New RV

Your new RV is filled with appliances and systems that are probably very different from those found in your sticks and bricks house.

RV Services & Solutions will walk you through your new RV and demonstrate how everything functions. New to RVing? We can answer any questions you may have.

A few of the things we can go over are...

  • Hooking up the city water, power, sewer & cable

  • Safely deploying your slides and awnings

  • Properly leveling your RV

  • Explaining the types of electrical systems found on an RV

  • Information about water systems, including the water filter

  • Wastewater system management

  • Propane system [if applicable]

  • Generator & Auto Start Features

  • Refrigeration, stoves & ovens

New Owner Walk-thru Pricing
With Video $399*
Walk Thru Only $299*

*Includes a 50-mile radius for travel. Additional cost for travel beyond the 50 Mile range.

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