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Thermal Imaging
Scanning of Roof Line and Electrical Areas

Thermal Scanning is a valuable tool that we use to detect unusual temperature changes within an RV.

Locating these temperature changes can help the RV Inspector to locate potential issues within areas of the RV that are not easily accessed.


  • A hotter temperature in an electrical box or wire loom can indicate loose wiring that could result in a fire.

  • A cool temperature near a seam or slide-out can indicate an area where seals are compromised or worn.

As RV inspectors, we never do anything that would potentially damage the RV. For this reason, having additional tools which can scan areas that cannot be normally seen allows us to spot underlying problems.

Thermal Scan Electric Panel.jpg

A thermal scan of a 12-volt electric panel. Notice the bright yellow which could indicate loose or corroded connections.

Full Thermal RV Scan | $199*

*Includes a 50-mile radius for travel. Additional cost for travel beyond the 50 Mile range. Must be combined with an inspection.

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