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Meet Your Inspector
Robert Wozencraft | NRVIA Certified RV Inspector
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As a former U.S. Army helicopter pilot, checklists and inspections are second nature to me. You definitely want to make sure everything in your helicopter is functioning properly before taking off.

After getting out of the military in 1991, I moved back to California to be near my family. For nearly 13 years, I lived on a sailboat in San Diego.  If you have ever had or have known someone who has a boat, you know that the systems on a boat can be a challenge at best. There are many potential safety issues and the fact that you're floating in saltwater creates a whole different set of concerns. I love working with my hands and have completed many upgrades, repairs, and projects on the 3 sailboats I owned, starting with a 27-foot daysailer and ending up with a 51-foot cruising yacht.


The next chapter in life brought me to camping, RVing and a desire to see the world. Just as many of you, I caught the dream of leaving all the stuff behind and following the sunset to far off places. I currently reside in the great state of Texas with my wife Brenda and 2 boys, Cody and Cameron.

I can hardly wait to hit the road again and see where life takes me.

I truly love helping fellow RVer's and look forward to serving you.

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