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What are Seal Flippers?

Seal Flippers mount to the side of you slideouts with 3M VHB Tape. They help to gently grab your sweeper seal and keep it going the right direction. Sweeper seals are your first line of defense against the elements and nature's critters. When your sweeper seals are facing the right direction, you have a much greater chance of keeping mother nature on the outside of your RV!

Let Seal Flippers do the work for you...

Have you ever arrived at the camp ground, gotten everything set-up and then realize your sweeper seals didn't come out properly? You look around for something to grab the seal with, and get the ladder out to fix the problem. With Seal Flippers, the job is done for you. So grab your favorite beverage, a chair, and enjoy your day!

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Each package of comes with 5 SEALFlippers, enough to do at least one slideout. See below for chart for more details:

  • Slideout Without a Window | 3 SEALFlippers per side

  • Slideout With a High Window [Six Inches or Less Below the Slideout Roof | 1 SEALFlipper per side

  • Slideout With a Lower Window [Six Inches or More Below the Slideout Roof | 2 SEALFlippers per side

$19.99 Per Package*
*Plus Tax & Shipping

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