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Moisture Analysis
Why it's Important?

Moisture level analysis allows the inspector to define areas inside the RV that have exposure to moisture. Our EssentialPLUS inspection includes random moisture checks in areas known to be problem areas.

Our Premier inspection includes full moisture analysis of the entire RV Interior, under slideout floors, roof and around all openings.


  • Higher moisture levels on a slideout bottom could indicate water intrusion that could lead to a rotted slideout floor. This is a very costly repair and could be easily undetectable to the naked eye.

  • Many RV manufacturers use a vinyl wallpaper on the interior. While this is more durable, it can make it harder to detect water damage without a moisture meter.

As RV inspectors, we never do anything that would potentially damage the RV. For this reason, having additional tools that can analyze surface areas that  we can't normally see allows us to spot underlying potential problems.

Wall moisture at 34% indicating possible moisture intrusion.
Note: 32% is considered overlimit for most materials.
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